Sunday, October 12, 2008

Double Feature: Marnie Stern

I'm listening to Marnie Stern's new album as I'm typing this, so I've decided to up her last album. This is because I'm on the third track, and don't want to disappoint my avid readers. What I know for a fact is that In Advance of the Broken Arm is some of the best noise-pop I've heard. This is also for fans of Hella and the myriad of other projects Zach Hill has going on, because his drumming is as prominent as Marnie's guitar lines, and the two insane styles actually compliment each other, surprisingly so.

The Necks

You like trance? jazz? krautrock? minimalism? pink things?

The Necks' Drive By is an hour long track of meditative goodness. This trio develops their sound very gradually, creating very beautiful melodies subtly. Even if you don't love it at first listen, when it ends you'll miss it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

toe and toe make fore

Toe is a Japanese math rock band with a fantastic drummer and a great sense of melody. The shifts in key and tempo are very subtle, and they really groove more than most math rock bands today. I could call it jazzy to convey that it has interesting textures and stuff, but the music is not improvisational in any way, so don't think that.

Book About My Idle Plot on Vague Anxiety

New Sentimentality