Friday, March 12, 2010

Moderat - Moderat

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. There really isn't any reason for this, and I noticed this today and decided I'd make up for it.
So here's one of the coolest electronica albums of 2009: Moderat's self-titled. This group is made up of Modeselektor, a dubstep duo, and Apparat, an IDM bro. While I am completely sick of anything still being made in IDM, when the wankery is curbed, the complexities of the genre can make for challenging and good music. Dubstep, a dark but simplistic style, is perfect for this, and the trio manage to pull it off surprisingly well. Perhaps the most shocking part of the album is how unlike the songs sound to each other while still retaining the shuffle of dubstep and the four on the floor of techno.
For example, compare Slow March, an utterly menacing track that resembles Spaceape from Burial's self-titled pushed to its limits, with the uplifting Porc #2. They're nothing alike, yet there's still that weird connection that gives the album continuity.
If you've heard about dubstep but haven't bothered checking it out, I would highly suggest this album because it's not just some filtered syncopated rhythm with some dark synths like 90% of the producers that have been sucking Burial's dick for the past year. It also has some techno moments (tech-step?), so fans of that Sarah Goldfarb & JHK album I posted a while back should check this out, too.

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