Monday, August 6, 2012


     It's been too long. A number of you emailed me asking me to update, and it's because of you guys that I'm writing. 
     I've been wrestling with the idea of keeping this blog going, because I've come to see myself as contributing to the problem of music piracy. So, first things first, what this blog WON'T be is a place to download music I like. You can do that on your own, but I'd rather you streamed and then bought them.
     I've left some stuff up, mostly compilations and older releases. These you can find on your own and enjoy. 
     For the record, Lurker of Chalice received the most downloads, which I think is pretty funny. Gloomy black metal will always be more popular than headtrip electronica
     The blog will be more text-heavy, not so much a music review site as a place for cultural analysis. This might include movies, TV shows, etc., we'll see. Contributions are welcome! Send me articles you'd like posted!
     I didn't wanna delete this blog because of the followers, but if you have any idea where it could move comfortably, let me know.
     I'm gonna be figuring out how and about what I wanna write, so bear with me. I'll try to be regular, but we've seen how that's worked out.
     As always, thank you guys. 

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