Friday, January 9, 2009

Lurker of Chalice

Look at that album cover. That is how this album sounds.

If that isn't good enough, just know that this is Lurker of Chalice's self titled, or depressing, atmospheric black metal from Wrest, known mainly for his other one man black metal band, Leviathan. While black metal might seem silly with the corpse paint and paganism associated with the scene, two things attract me to it; the depressing, dark atmosphere that no other music can create, as far as I've heard, and the tonal richness that comes from a good composer. As repetitive as it is, black metal has some very mature chord progressions, and the thin production coupled with multiple guitar tracks lets all the sound come through.

I posted earlier Wolves in the Throne Room's album Two Hunters, which I think is a fantastic record, and a great introduction to black metal. Lurker of Chalice, while sounding completely different, is also accessible and without the vocals that seem to turn most people away from one of the most rewarding extreme metal genres.

Just listen plz

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