Thursday, August 7, 2008

Anyone Who Likes Max Restaino is a Faggot/The Locust

Anyone Who Likes Max Restaino is a Faggot

Max, this is not for you.
You told me to
write you
a rhyming pome.
You're all Shalom
and shit, go home.
You're not Nina,
but you're in needuva
new brain,
Harry Potter train.
Tomorrow, focus,
nothing else rhymes with
"The Locust"


The Locust is a synth influenced grindcore band. New Erections is mainly for Max, because anyone that already likes The Locust has this record, and anyone that doesn't know them probably won't like them. Anyway, it's worth a try. Stop and stop dynamics, 3 vocalists screaming their lungs out, political vegans.

We'll bury this city in trash. We'll bury this city in trash. We'll bury this city in trash.

I'm also throwing in their 2003 album, Plague Soundscapes, because the two albums together is 44 minutes.

New Erections: hxxp://
Plague Soundscapes: hxxp://


Joe said...

When I slurp a big gulp of your pome,
I feel like I have found another home (i know it doesnt rhyme).

This blog could make you a celeb,
but first you should write about how i really love deb.

krackers are on this earth to smoke doobies,
but you good sir are here to educate us noobies.

this here interweb aint complete without your art,
just as a balanced breakfeast aint complete without a pop tart.

now i will retire and leave the verses to you,
cause honey it is what you're meant to do.

Keep on Blogging Tamas

-Joseph P.D. Marble

x miss nina said...

Why did you have to write about me
why do you make me feel like a flea

why dont you go ahead and delete this comment as well