Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cheval de Frise

Cheval de Frise were a French math rock duo with Vincent Beysselance on drums and Thomas Bonvalet on acoustic guitar. That's right, this band is not about using effects and looping stuff (Sorry Tera Melos and Battles, I love you both), it is about polyrhythms and dissonance. The record is just 39 minutes, with most of the songs under 3 minutes, but every track is polished and it doesn't feel like parts are repeated unnecessarily. The nylon strings give the songs an almost flamenco like feel, and it's noisy at parts, but the duo knows when to stop the free parts and lock in again. They do this with astounding speed, stopping on a dime and creating very interesting rhythms. As Cicatrizatron said, "really dope, even though its french"


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Dan said...

a really great record, like slint on amphetamines.