Sunday, August 3, 2008

See/Erik Satie


She turned to me
And it was like dancing in a timeless world.
Swaying through leaves,
whithering and reappearing.
The world became a liquid,
and I swam through,
following flickering shapes,
allowing them to lead me.
When I reached shore I looked back
and saw a pond,
still, gossamer, and shrinking slowly.
I crept closer until I saw:
It was a teardrop nestled in her eye,
looking at me.


I thought this album went very well with the melancholy tone of my poem, and it's also some of my favorite music ever. It's a collection of solo piano pieces by Erik Satie, and it includes his most famous pieces, the Gnossiennes, and the Gymnopédies. The first of the six Gnossiennes is one of the most beautiful piano compositions I've heard, and Reinbert De Leeuw, the pianist on this recording, lets the music breathe just the right amount, and the effect is sad but gorgeous. It is not music for virtuosos, but it is very enjoyable as either background music, or listening music.


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