Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Gaslamp Killer

I'm kind of taking the short route with today's selection. The Gaslamp Kilelrs Mix is available for free off of The Gaslamp Killer's myspace, but the tracks are all weird and there's random album art, so I organized everything and it should work without any hassle. The tracks are named 1-46, so it's all just short snips that change constantly, but if you want gritty instrumental hip-hop with tons of jazz and funk samples, this guy is a master. Listen to 26, and you'll see how he brings together sick drum beats and that beautiful piano melody to create something completely unique but still familiar. I believe this was all created with turntables and old records, which seems incredible cuz this dude just keeps bringing in samples seamlessly, and it sounds liek way more than two turntables, but maybe it's more, I don't know. Anyway, sick shit.
I ordered his full length I Spit On Your Grave, I already had it, it's well worth checking out too.

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