Saturday, August 2, 2008

Death/Naked City


What is the chalk outline of a mountain?
At first, a bleeding crater and black vomit.
Like a gun, a shot in the dark,
Two eruptions, then the pavement is coated in heat.

The mountain buries itself
And becomes a part of what it ruled.
We gather on the plains to mourn
But the old have lost their voices
And the young do not know what to sing.

Moths taking flight.
And leaves hitting the ground in the distance.
I have heard machines rust.

I have walked in mountain passes searching for life,
And beneath the snow I found frozen bodies with ice crowns.
I took one to the city, but his crown melted in the heat
And the weeping corpse was shunned.

I found a cave and asked:
"Meghaltál, Istenem"
It cried back:
"S te nem?"

I found a cave and asked:
"You have died, my God"
It cried back:
"And you haven't?"


John Zorn is known throughout the world as a leader in avant-garde music. Naked City, perhaps his most famous band, combined various genres at breakneck speed, while keeping one foot firmly in jazz. Their self titled debut demonstrates the band's ridiculous talent for jumping between jazz, grindcore, bluegrass, and other genres in a matter of seconds. It is sure to be a bit difficult to listen to the noisy sections, but the shortness of the tracks make it relatively easy to get through. Also, The James Bond Theme is some of the grooviest music I've ever heard.

Fans of tracks 10-17 definitely should check out Torture Garden, a collection of "hardcore miniatures".
For those who like the other tracks might like Zorn's other work, which isn't as grindcore oriented, although definitely influenced by it.


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