Monday, August 4, 2008



We're speaking with tongues and
We gasp to fill our lungs
Our bodies like ladders
I'm grabbing the rungs

We can't go outside 'cause
It's too dark out tonight
So I'll have to make do
With your starry eyes

Just over a meter,
You're not a mouth breather
You're perfect but have to
Learn to pronounce "either"

In the dark I rehearse
How to say those three words,
Those true words that, last night
You wound up saying first.

Your dog ate a stapler.
That's ridiculous.


In honor of me going to 88BoaDrums on Friday, I've decided to upload a bootleg of last year's show, 77BoaDrums. This is also the first poem I've put up that is really rhythmic, so it should go well with this 77 minute, piece. It's Yamatsuka Eye from Boredoms (and Naked City vocalist) leading an ensemble of 77 drummers with batons and other psychedelic shit he's known for. The outcome is a very visceral piece. Obviously, it would have been better live, but since most of the world's population doesn't live in NYC, you'll have to make do with this. Brian Chippendale is one of the most prominent drummers in this, and details can be found here:

I would also recommend going to 88BoaDrums this week, although it might be sold out :[



Mr. Aloysis said...

I was watching 77BoaDrums when I found out about this last week. I wish they still had tickets.

Also you need some palindromes.

Anonymous said...

I wanna fuck you!

a said...

the second stanza is pretty powerful man I like it.