Friday, August 1, 2008



Past: Pat passed.
Rain pats rats, pitter patter
In the sewers; chitter chatter;
"Do her, sue her", In the litter.

Latter; Pat sits, stately
A date bleats:
The rosy prose of
proles rolls out her mouth
But shrouded
b'hind crowded
Words, faux wise.
For why's it right
The unqualified rise?

And next, who'd
Care, doomed are we,
Stuck in the


Everyone should listen to ASVA's What You Don't Know Is Frontier.
It is some of the heaviest music I've ever heard, but that's to be expected, because members of Burning Witch and Mr. Bungle are in it. If you don't know the first one, it's drone doom, and both SUNN O))) members were in it. If you don't know Bungle, die.

Speaking of, this music literally sounds like death, so don't expect to get through it easily. It's almost 70 minutes split into 4 tracks, but they are more like movements. Some are beautiful, and some are just horrifying, but they maintain the atmosphere of a funeral very well.

If you're not into doom, this will hopefully convert you. If you are, you might agree that this is arguably one of the year's best records.



DJ Komet said...

Nice poem, i really like the economy part, very true, as usual

DJ Komet said...

Wow... i dont know why it says dj komet, i think that was when i was like 13 trying to do trance mixes... it utterly failed

Anonymous said...

mmm cute haha

Anonymous said...

utilitarian post.